Dear members of AOTrauma Latin America:
With great enthusiasm and affection I present my greeting to all of you, people committed to education and excellence in the management of pathologies of the locomotor system.

The current moments, impose difficulties and challenges to achieve our goals, however, I am sure to have the will and entrepreneurship of all of you to overcome the obstacles that arise along the way.

AOTrauma Latin America stands out for its commitment to education and reflects its responsibility in its Seminars, Symposiums and Courses with the highest quality, all of them based on a leading human staff in the academic field.

We are very pleased with the growth of our region in terms of the number of members and countries, so it is very gratifying for all of us to have enthusiastic young people who are eager to move forward and with experienced people who for many years have contributed to this noble cause. Likewise, I must highlight the work of all the administrative staff who are attentive to our needs, facilitating and providing support in each of them.

On behalf of the Regional Board of AOTrauma Latin America I invite you to continue with this selfless and praiseworthy work and from now on, I offer all our support in a transparent, technical and objective manner; likewise, all of you can certainly count that we share the same interests of all the countries that make up the region and we are only encouraged by the desire to have a leader, strong and united community.

Kind Regards,

Juan Manuel Concha
Chairperson AOTrauma Latin America